About Monty

Monty Jivraj

Monty is one of the leading tax practitioners in the field of tax disputes and investigations, with over 25 years’ experience of solving complex tax issues. Monty guides and assists high net-worth individuals, owner-managed businesses and large corporations on civil disputes, investigations, Tax requirements and compliance checks with HMRC, to make and save millions of pounds by getting their tax affairs in order. Monty has extensive experience in sales and operations management at National and International level. He understands how businesses work as a matter of substance and commercial reality. Monty also has significant experience in assisting businesses to constructively engage with HMRC to get tax affairs in order for VAT repayments to be repaid by HMRC to businesses. Monty’s unique knowledge is essential for growth, stability, and success of every business. There are many businesses across the globe that continue to grow because they believe success is down to investing in a right expert in their field. Monty plays a major role to grow companies by saving millions of pounds through many years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Monty is also an ex-international cricketer, a professional sportsman with the mindset to accomplish anything with effort, grit, attitude, and inner drive that separate him from the crowd.

Monty regularly deals with accountants, forensic accountants, and insolvency practitioners. In his experience, they do little to educate businesses on the importance of working together with HMRC. Accountants are good in matching numbers however, they are limited in compliance skills, HMRC guidance and VAT statue, putting businesses at risk. Monty’s vision is to change the working relationship between businesses and HMRC to deliver the proper functioning of the tax system. Importantly to help HMRC focus on the best way to help his clients with greater transparency and understand their views.


  • Submitted evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union Inquiry into Missing Trader VAT Fraud in the UK in January 2007;
  • Secured millions of pounds in VAT refund from HMRC rescuing a large precious metal and waste recycling business from insolvency.
  • Achieved significant operational efficiencies; adopted cost-saving digital procedures to transform corporate businesses,
  • Adopted commercial practices and compliance procedures for business to carry out checks to establish the credibility and legitimacy of their customers, suppliers, and supplies.
  • Built lasting relationships with clients and ensured there were systems and resources in place to deal with any of their queries promptly.

Why choose Monty as your tax agent?

  • Competitive rates, efficient and effective, providing value for money.
  • Established and professional, with a strong, respected reputation and highly satisfied customers.
  • Knowledgeable expert: experienced and adept at all levels of cases. Abreast of latest relevant developments, analytical, creative and open to change and adaptation. UK and international expertise.
  • Rapport: personal and as accommodating as possible. A sense of humour and thick-skinned, enabling deflection of negativity or resistance. Builds lasting business relationships by forming genuine connections.
  • Resilient and assertive: highly motivated, with the ability and determination to overcome obstacles with confidence, skills and hard work.
  • Knack for solving problems, strength and vision with an eye for detail: personal qualities honed on the sports field, as an ex-international sports player.
  • Transparent: works with integrity and honesty.

Maintains Confidence

Through his professional sporting career and work career Monty has encountered some of the most difficult situations out of the blue in his career, and when they did, he maintained confidence and work through it like the brilliant success machine


Monty has the ability to stay motivated when the going gets tough both for himself and for his clients. He is focused and stays on tasks.

Attention To Detail

The ability to be consistently accurate with an eye for detail is essential to the daily repertoire of a successful tax expert. He cultivates his attention to detail until he naturally strives for consistency while maintaining an open curiosity and desire to solve problems as they present themselves.


Monty is creative in solving problems in the real world as cut and dry as they are theoretically. He analytically minded and thinks more abstractly about whatever problem he is tackling.


Monty defends businesses at any time they are owed money for an unreasonable amount of time, or if he us defending your honour against a baseless accusation. He stands by his principals and let his clients know exactly why they are wrong, even if this means that they seek out a new tax expert.


As a tax expert, would rather speak the truth than getting tangled in a web of lies, and in his line of work, integrity goes a long way.